HA KO Leaf Incense

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HA KO Leaf Incense

HA KO Leaf Incense

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Elegant leaf-shaped paper incense that can be used as potpourri or burned like traditional incense.

HA KO incense is made in Japan by a company of artisan incense makers with a history that goes back over 120 years.

Put on display, a single leaf will emit a halo of fragrance that will last for up to three months. When burned, they throw a light wisp of fragrant smoke that cleanses and deodorizes your space.

Each paper leaf is imbued with a different scent that can be distinguished by its shape. Includes six incense leaves, a non-flammable felt mat and a ceramic burning dish and instructions for use, all presented in a handcrafted wooden box.

Fragrances: Spicy Jasmine, Elegant Citrus, Smoky Cinnamon, White Floral, Green Grass and True Aqua.

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