About Us

Growing up in a family of four sisters, we learned early the strength of women and the importance of sticking together.


Our childhood was marked by two things: hard work and nature.


Raised by a dad who juggled two jobs and a mum whose cooking brought the freshest farm-to-table experiences long before it was a trend, we learned the value of persistence and purity from our earliest days.


Our lives were a blend of hard work and weekend escapes to nature, with numerous trips to Daylesford’s mineral waters, waterfalls, lakes and beaches across Australia.


39 Degrees feels like it's been a part of us forever. More than just an idea, a reflection of everything we’ve lived and loved.


Our journey has been uniquely shaped by our professional journeys as well. Michelle’s scientific and development expertise and Suzy’s experience in HR and community building have woven a tapestry of knowledge and empathy into our brand. This blend of science and human connection enriches our commitment to creating wellness products that resonate deeply with people’s lives, honoring the bond between nature, well-being, and community.


We're on a mission to help woman feel good about taking time to rest.


We envision a world where every woman lives by her own wellness rules and feels empowered and supported to put her well-being first, every day.


So, we invite you into our world of 39 Degrees, where each product is a chapter of our story, crafted with the same love, care, and commitment to wellness that has been the cornerstone of our lives.


This is our way of sharing a piece of our journey with you – where the simplicity of nature meets the warmth of home.



- Michelle & Suzy