Our Story

We're sisters who grew up in Melbourne. We’re constantly on the move, working, taking care of family, fulfilling endless responsibilities and nurturing relationships.

Our values centre on integrity and family and our goal was simple: to build a family business together that makes a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing, naturally.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve enjoyed soaking in mineral hot springs. From Victoria’s Daylesford and Mornington Peninsula all the way to Turkey’s hammams, Hungary’s thermal springs, New Zealand’s mud spa’s and Japan’s onsens. We love the opportunity to let go of our stresses and focus on those quite relaxing moments. Those moments give us an opportunity to centre our thoughts, embrace who we are and give our bodies time to soak in the earth’s goodness through the healing waters.

We would often drive down Victoria’s coast for a soak, but as husbands, family and just generally ‘adulting’ snuck in, it’s became harder and harder to find the time to get there. For us, taking care of ourselves, our minds and our bodies is a non-negotiable. We know being our best selves increases our capacity to be there for others. Queue our light bulb moment… let’s bring the therapeutic natural goodness of mineral hot springs home!

During our research, we discovered the source of the healing benefits of soaking in thermal hot springs: minerals. It was surprising to us that even after the countless visits to thermal waters and a science background, neither of us had ever learned how important and vital essential minerals are to our wellness.

Needless to say this was our game-changer.

39 Degrees is not only a mineral hot spring experience at home, it’s also giving your body the ability to absorb a blend of therapeutic, essential minerals how it’s been done for centuries.

So, relax. Unwind. Run yourself a bath (cause it’s far too difficult to drink champagne in the shower anyway)!


Michelle and Suzy xx