Maybe Sammy Cocktail 100 mL

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Maybe Sammy Cocktail 100 mL

Tonic Pack

Maybe Sammy Cocktail 100 mL

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Using house-made infusions made from Sydney’s local flora and precisely mixed to create a delicious and uniquely Australian cocktail. A 100 mL single-serve bottle. Simply chill, pour, garnish and enjoy. You'll find a description of the cocktails, including a list of ingredients, further down this page.

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Maybe Sammy's Chamomile Martini is the perfect drink to enjoy with friends, taking the time to savour the botanical and pepper notes as they cross your palate. Maybe Sammy have pulled out all the stops in creating this easy-drinking Martini, infusing the Vermouth with local Chamomile at precisely 60 degrees before mixing to create this unique, ready-to-pour future classic.
Ingredients: Gin, Vermouth, Chamomile, Pepper, Cedarwood
Standard Drinks: 1.6 ALC: 20.5% Vol: 100 mL

Maybe Sammy's Eucalyptus Gimlet puts a twist on traditional, giving a classic cocktail new life in your favourite glassware. With Tequila as a base, a unique mango dilution for texture and a house made Eucalyptus infusion that adds a touch of sweetness, this is a ready-to-pour future classic that’s perfect for late nights and long stems.
Ingredients: Tequila, Mango, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit Bitters
Standard Drinks: 1.6 ALC: 20.4% Vol: 100 mL

Maybe Sammy's Jasmine Negroni is the perfect easy-drinking, crowd pleaser for your next dinner party or date-night with a lover. Building on the classic Negroni, Maybe Sammy have added some Australian botanical flair to the recipe with a house-made White Jasmine tea dilution that is perfect for afternoons and early evenings in the sun.
Ingredients: Gin, Campari, Vermouth, White Jasmine Dilution
Standard Drinks: 1.6 ALC: 20.3% Vol: 100 mL

Combining rum-infused pineapple with almond and coffee for this mellow, tropical and caffeinated cocktail. Perfect for you’re after dinner drink or for anytime that you’ll need an extra kick! Store cold, pour over ice, or add one shot of espresso and shake in a cocktail shaker with ice. For all your Espresso Martini needs!
Ingredients: Bacardi Oro, Mr Black, Pineapple, Almond
Standard drinks: 1.8 ALC: 23.4% ABV Vol: 100 mL

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