Magnesium gel
Our scrub contains natural magnesium chloride in a highly concentrated (30%) gel form. In fact, at 30% concentration, the gel is close to the highest possible concentration of magnesium in liquid form.

We sustainably source our magnesium chloride from the Zechstein Sea in the Netherlands, the world's purest source of natural magnesium chloride.

Sea salt
Sea salt is a natural exfoliant, rich in minerals and naturally anti-bacterial. Because salt already exists on the surface of your skin, it is low allergy and non-irritating.

What we love most is that there's no mess to spoil your bathing experience. When you're done with the scrub, the salt and magnesium dissolves in the water to create a luxurious bath soak.

Aromatherapy blend
Our scented scrub contains the same rejuvenating blend of pure, natural essential oils that is in our RESTORE bath tonic: Pink grapefruit and lemon with a hint of basil. It’s a blend formulated to clear toxins and ease muscle fatigue.

Also available in unscented.

How to use

Apply to damp skin and rub gently to exfoliate and promote magnesium absorption. Rinse off with warm water. If bathing, allow magnesium to combine with the bath water for a therapeutic soak. Avoid contact with eyes, wounds or sensitive areas.


Ingredient Where it's from What it does
Purified Water Netherlands Carrier for Magnesium Chloride
Natural Magnesium Chloride Zechstein Sea - Netherlands Body Health & Function
Eco Sea Salt Ecologically Extracted in Belgium Natural Exfoliant
Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate Naturally Derived From Corn Thickener
Pure Essential Oils Sourced Worldwide Aromatherapy Fragrance