0% Cocktail by Candlelight

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0% Cocktail by Candlelight
0% Cocktail by Candlelight

A 500 mL bath tonic and a trio of stoneware tealight candles with two zero proof cocktails from Melbourne's internationally-renowned cocktail bar, The Everleigh.

What's inside:

Magnesium Bath Tonic 500 mL

Contains a concentrated dose of natural magnesium and an aromatherapy blend of pure essential oils. Pour 100 mL into swirling bath water for a luxurious, milky white bathing experience. Select your aromatherapy blend below.

Tealight Candles in Stoneware Holders x 3

Pure soy wax candles scented with an aromatherapy blend of pure essential oils. Presented in reusable, high fired stoneware tealight holders. Place around the room to create a relaxing and calming ambience for your bathing experience.

Zero Proof Bellini Cocktails  2 x170 mL

The Everleigh's first zero proof cocktail, the Bellini, is a non-alcoholic twist on an Italian classic. It is mixed using peach purée, grape juice, verjuice, natural flavours and salt to create a sophisticated sparkling cocktail that is refreshing and expertly balanced. Serve in a chilled Champagne flute or simply straight from the bottle.

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